This a Fanfic by Venus454oh snap snap 03:02, January 2, 2014 (UTC).Please  edit this if you have any good ideas .Thanks.(Oh and I know the whole IvypoolxHawkfrost thing  is weird but I was wondering what would happen if a living cat fell in love with a dead cat.) 

Chapter OneEdit

Ivypool gave a yawn and looked around.She was in the darkforest."Hello Ivypool,"Someone behind her said. Ivypool spun around and unsheated her claws It wasHawkfrost."Oh.It was only you,"She said."Who else would it be?"He asked."You two!If you have nothing to do but gossip go train!We arn't here to gossip, we are here to learn battle moves!You  both should know that by now."Tigerstar said, losing his temper."My, my whata a temper!"Ivypool giggled as the two left to do some battle training

220px-Cat November 2010-1a (1)

tabby cat aka Hawkfrost


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