This a Fanfic by Venus454oh snap snap 03:02, January 2, 2014 (UTC).Please  edit this if you have any good ideas .Thanks.(Oh and I know the whole IvypoolxHawkfrost thing  is weird but I was wondering what would happen if a living cat fell in love with a dead cat.) 

Chapter OneEdit

Ivypool gave a yawn and looked around.She was in the dark forest."Hello Ivypool,"Someone behind her said. Ivypool spun around and unsheated her claws It was Hawkfrost."Oh.It was only you,"She said."Who else would it be?" He asked.Then a voice broke their conversation. "You two! If you have nothing to do but gossip go train! We aren't here to gossip, we are here to learn battle moves! You  both should know that by now."Tigerstar said, losing his temper."My, my what a temper!" Ivypool giggled as the two left to do some battle training.

As they padded along, Hawkfrost turned around and pounced on Ivypool. "Now beautiful, lets see if you know how to fight." he purred. Ivypool's eyes widened, but she brushed it off. Typical Hawkfrost to flirt. Maybe she should return it? Yes, that appeared to be what he wanted."I can.. But a handsome and strong tom has me at his mercy." she said, flicking her tail under his chin. She could tell that was not what her mentor had suspected she would do.

"Right, now you have to do everything I say." Hawfrost purred. Ivypool nodded, not really hearing what he had said. She was too busy lost in thought. Her mind was yelling at her to stop flirting with him. She didn't actually love him. Did she? She was supposed to be spying for the clans.

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