Spottedgorse is a dark dappled, tortoiseshell she cat, with small neat white paws, amber eyes, a long curly black tail, long curved claws. 


Spottedgorse was born to Milkfrost and Blackface with no siblings. As she grew older, her mentor became ________ *unknown*. When her mentor died, she became a warrior with the name Spottedgorse. Frosthare became her mate a few moons later and they had five kits, Russetspeck, Breezefall, Flameblaze, Stromstrike and Goldenpaw. When Goldenpaw died, grief overwhelmed Spottedgorse to the point where she came down with greencough, but then the medicine cat, Strongheart saved her. 


She is bubbly and kind, but can strike out sometimes, and she is known to be stubborn.


(see Information)


Mother: MIlkfrost

Fther: Blackface

Siblings: None

Mate: Frosthare

Kits: (see Information)

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