Darkstar woke in his den, feeling strong. "I will destroy all cats." he hissed.


Foreststar woke in her den. "Lastpelt?" she mewed. The deputy was nowhere in sight. "Moonwhisker?" she mewed. The warrior was nowhere there either. She stepped out of her den. She gasped. "The camp, its icy!" she yowled. Darkstar looked at her. "Cats nowhere in sight?" he meowed evily. "Take a look." he mewed. He showed Foreststar his bloody claws. "NO!!!!" she yowled. Foreststar was doomed. What could she do? "I`m becoming a rouge." she hissed. "Not just yet!" yowled Moonwhisker. Dawnfur leaped on Darkstar. "Remember, nine lives." he mewed. Watertail hissed, throwing Darkstar down. Lastpelt was in sight! "Lastpelt!" called Foreststar. Freezeshade was laying in the frozen grass, blood streaming out of her. "Did you destroy all your Clanmates!?" yowled Foreststar in anger. "Indeed I did." meowed Darkstar. Nightfang hissed. Treeheart bit Darkstar on the throat.

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