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• 5/28/2018

Welcome to Discussions!

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Have fun!
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• 1/25/2014


Is anyone roleplaying golden paw if not can I -diamondfeather
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• 1/4/2014

Please Guys.. This is important. It needs to Happen!

I've told you guys alot but it's not happening and I don't have time for it!
You guys need to make character pages!!! Sorry if I sound annoying but I want to make this Wiki organized and neat. You can find how to set it up here!
And you can get examples from here and here. So please!!
Thanks for reading and I hope you guys do this.
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• 12/24/2013

Merry Christmas!!!!

OH MY GOSH!!!!! Chrismas is only 1 day away! I'm so excited! :D Well I hope you all have a very merry Chrismas and a happy New Year! Happy Holidays!
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• 12/19/2013


Okay, guys, please, if you have a character on CraneClan, please roleplay or make one, it would make me so happy. Thanks, guys!
Sooner then later, I need a s a v i o u r... I need a saviour...  07:56, December 19, 2013 (UTC)
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• 11/29/2013

Talk Page or Message Wall

So I made a blog 'bout this but I don't think anyone read it...
Anyways... What do you guys want to have?
Check out my blog for more details!!
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• 11/29/2013

Happy Thanksgiving!!

For those Americans, Happy Thanksgiving!! I hope your stuffin' your faces xD
If your not American... So what? HAVE A FUN CRA CRA DAYYY!!!
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